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Medusa-themed art

Jim Balent

Terry Beatty

Terry Beatty (2)

Aaron Bordner

Mike Borkowski

Dan Brereton


Kurt Brugel

Mitch Byrd

Don Cameron

Bob Canada

Dorian Cleavenger

Paul Chadwick

Howard Chaykin

Travis Charest

Amanda Conner

Don Corn

Guy Davis

Mike DeCarlo (before)

Mike DeCarlo (after)

Kim DeMulder

Nick Derrington

Luis Diaz

Tony DiTerlizzi

Anthony Guerra

Mick Gray

Mike Grell

Rebecca Guay

Bo Hampton

Anna Hybsier

Ray Lago

Andy Lee

Scott Lewis

Scott Lewis (2)

Joseph Linsner

Vince Locke

David Mack

Jason Martin

Kyle Miller

Andy Mokler

Terry Moore

Eddy Newell

Hoang Nguyen

Jimmy Palmiotti

Jeff Parker

Michael Peters

Shelby Robertson

Jeff Spokes

Jeff Spokes (pencil)

Sue Van Camp

Dan Veesenmeyer

Michael Vega

Rick Veitch

Tim Vigil

Trevor Von Eden and Joe Rubenstein
Marvel's Medusa

Trevor Von Eden and Joe Rubenstein
Fantasy Medusa

Brett Weldele
"The Surrogates" artist

Bill Wray

Mark Yanko

Dean Yeagle

Other Art

Other art I've collected just because I liked it or it was given to me and I think it's neat...

Sergio Aragones
Groo sketch

Terry Beatty
Tiki Hot-rod

Brian Bolland
Red Sonja (?) prelim

Brian Bolland
Wonder Woman prelim

David Boswell
Reid Fleming commission

Newton Burcham
Khwan Wins

Frank Cho
Signed, limited - a gift -

Dave Cooper
A gift from my pal

Dan DeCarolo Simpsons Layouts (12 large images! High Speed connections only)

Mike Decarlo
Homer Simpson (for my son, Tyler)

Kim DeMulder
Swamp Thing

Will Elder
Signed Little Annie Fanny print

Bob Fingerman
From a music mag - early 90s

Bo Hampton
Batman & Vampirella

Bryan Hitch

Jamie Hernandez
Flaming Burnout CD Cover

Phil Jimenez

Ray Lago

Scott Lewis

Kevin Nowlan

Jorge Pacheco


Peter Repovski

Al Rio
My son, Tyler

Jim Silke
Prelim - Bettie Page

Chris Sprouse
Tom Strong pinup

Chris Sprouse

John Totleben/Steve Bissette

John Totleben

Bill Ward
Humorama pin-up

Adam Warren

JH Williams III

JH Williams III

JH Williams III

Jim Woodring

Bernie Wrightson

- Terry